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Dark Social Measurement

With Data You Can Go Beyond 1st Gen Engagement.

With Data You Can _______

Bring Dark Social To Light

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You may not realize it, but nearly 70% of the sharing activity your posts will receive are likely not being tracked.

Dark Social, or the when a user copies and pastes a link into emails, texts and other channels and the resulting activity.

Unified’s Dark Social Measurement allows marketers to go beyond the first generation of interactions to reveal previously unknown engagement.

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One Dashboard, Many Generations

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Social engagement is like an onion—there are many layers of sharing that can occur beyond the activity tracked on the original post.

While most platforms can measure the initial top layer, Unified helps marketers access the deeper hidden tiers of engagement to enrich their understanding of their own viral behaviors and trends.

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A Spotlight To Attribute Success

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Trying to figure out the full extent of activity your paid campaigns are generating can be quite challenging.

Marketers can view the breakdown of Dark Social clicks, conversions, page views and shares side-by-side alongside live metrics from the native publisher while campaigns are in flight.

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Learn More With Our Dark Social Packet

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Download our packet to learn about Dark Social and how it was used by Em Michelle Phan by L'Oreal USA.

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